In case you missed them the first time. Here they are again.

Question #1:
If the boundary lines, on the sides of the track, are touched disqualification will result. What has to touch the lines to be Out of Bounds?

1. Your tractor

2. The sled

3. Either of the above.

4. Both of the above. (It does happen to some of us).

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Question #2:
What should a puller wait to see the Flagman wave, before taking off with the sled?

1. the Red Flag (Red means Ready).

2. the Green Flag (Green means Go).

3. His Hand (Hello).

4. His Hat.

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Question #3:
When your tractor is backed up to the sled, two things are hooked to it. The chain that pulls the sled and:

1. a wire that plugs you into the headsets worn by the workers.

2. a cable that connects to the engine on the sled. You may need the extra power.

3. a rope that attaches to your emergency kill switch.

4. a line that links your gas and brake to the flashing lights on the sled.

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Question #4:
Any tractor equipment, parts or weights falling off onto track, during course of competition (breakage excluded) will result in:

1. a coupon for an OCP discount on the purchase of replacement parts.

2. a free color coordinated bungee strap.

3. a lesson from Ricki Nichols on how to be fast enough to catch a hot exhaust, before it hits the ground.

4. disqualification.

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Question #5:
The hitch on your tractor should be parallel to the ground and:

1. not more than 13 inches above the ground.

2. welded to the tractor, so you are unable to adjust it.

3. next to impossible for the  hookman to find.

4. whatever height you think looks good and you can get away with.

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Question #6:
I am sitting, on my tractor, holding my helmet. The officials are reading the scales, to weigh me in. The class I will pull in is the Modified 0-500cc 1050 pounds. What should I weigh?

1. Whatever the scales register, with the weights I used last weekend. I pulled this class at another club's pull.

2. Anything less than 1055 pounds.

3. Whatever I can talk, beg, bribe, or intimidate the official into.

4. I really don't want to think about it. It was a long, cold, wet winter. All it was good for was eating.

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Question #7:
You have made some changes to your 10 hp tractor, this winter. At the first pull, you want to experiment with weight positions & gearing. Your tractor can be pulled a total of 4 times. You signed up to pull 2 times in the 10 hp & 12 hp classes. How many trophies or certificates can you win?

1. Four - pulling 4 times can place 4 times.

2. Zero - I never won anything with my tractor before. Doubt any of my changes will help.

3. Two - my second pull in each class is for exhibition only.

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Question #8:
You are backing up to the sled. What should you be doing?

1. Accelerating as much as possible and trying to hit the sled as hard as you can.

2. Watching the flagman and scrape tractor driver.

3. Looking to see if there is a photographer or videographer and checking the size of the crowd.

4. Accelerating slowly, watching to make sure you don't hit anyone, and stopping before you hit the sled.

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